DianeAbout me

I’ve always had a fascination with sewing since I was a child. My mother was always sewing new clothes on her Singer sewing machine using patterns she would purchase at the local fabric store, or she would be working on a quilt as a nice gift for someone special.

As I grew older, I continued to sew and it was around three years ago I became really interested in sewing machines and started to try out various machines, either at a local sewing shop or at a friends. It was in this way that I was at first able to try out many different machines, including a few high end computerized models and it gave me an understanding of how the quality of the machines, as many other factors, affect performance of a sewing machine.

Sewing Machine Review Website

It occurred to me that while there are many places where you can buy sewing machines, they just show you a confusing array of choices all described as the best thing since the sewing needle, this makes deciding which is the best sewing machine for you and your particular needs at the price you’ve budgeted very difficult to do.

When people purchase their sewing machine they may not know how the quality of different machines varies because they have not had the luxury of sitting down and trying out each machine.  So many people end up buying sewing machines with the most features and the cheapest price (a dangerous combination). Others over compensate and get the most expensive machine, which is probably okay, but may not be best suited for the desired use or indeed good value for money.

Before the internet you would probably go down to your local sewing shop and try out a few machines before buying one. In this modern age it might not always be convenient to do so.  With the aim of helping fellow sewers find the best machine for them, the Sewing Machine Review website was created.

Quality not Quantity

It would be very difficult for me to review every sewing machine on the market, but I find that when I visit websites selling machines, I am usually overwhelmed by the amount of sewing machines that are described as the “greatest on earth”, or I am disappointed by the quality of machines being described as the best. Sewing Machine Review aims to provide you with the best reviews of the best sewing machines, not the most.

When choosing which sewing machine to review I try and select based on quality, so most of the sewing machines on this site are some of the best for the price. If I do review a sewing machine and I think it is sub-par, I will say so, or more likely if certain features fall short they will be highlighted, hopefully helping you make an informed buying decision.