Brother CS6000i 60-Stitch Computerized Free-Arm Sewing Machine Review

brother cs6000i
The Brother CS6000i 60-Stitch Computerized Free-Arm Sewing Machine is lightweight and computerized, yet packed with features to suit a new sewer as well as those who are more experienced. It comes with 60 built-in stitches and 7 styles of one-step auto sizing buttonholes, so it is suitable for sewing clothes, craft projects and quilting.

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The Brother CS6000i offers high value for your money and comes with a free arm attachment which instantly gives you the capability to work on items requiring fine work, such as sewing sleeves and cuffs. Its LCD display allows you to easily select a wide range of stitches for the project you are working on and the automatic needle threader is a boon for those of us who are visually challenged.

Features of the Brother CS6000i

The CS6000i has plenty of features including a free arm attachment and quilting table, a hard protective case, 60 stitch functions, 9 x snap on feet, computerized stitch selection, auto needle threading, a tension control dial, and an auto-set drop-in bobbin. It also comes with an accessory pouch which includes a seam ripper, a needle set, a cleaning brush, a screwdriver, 3 x spool caps, 3 x spool pins, 3 x bobbins and an eyelet punch.

Some stitches include:

Overcast and zigzag - helps prevent fraying
Basting stitch – secures seams temporarily
Triple stretch stitch – to reinforce seams
Blind hem stitch – great for invisible hems
Buttonhole stitches - 7 different stitches, for lightweight, medium weight and heavier weight fabrics

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This is a versatile machine so regardless of your sewing preferences it has the stitches and features to meet the needs of beginners, experienced sewers, crafters and in particular, quilters. It even has a set of 27 stitches which cater to those who are interested in making clothes. The included stitches also allow for different fabric thickness so soft furnishings are also possible.


You receive a lot for your money with this machine, particularly when you consider it is fully computerized. A hard case, a quilting table, a free arm attachment as well as a full range of sewing feet, are also included in the price. Normally, you would need to pay extra for these things.

brother cs6000i foot

Product Specifications

Measures - 9 ¾” x 9 3/5” x 12 ½”
Weighs - 16 pounds
Item No. - CS60001
Manufacturer: Brother
Warranty - Limited 25 year warranty


    • Value for the price
    • You receive accessories which you normally have to purchase
    • Really easy to use
    • Has easy to follow threading diagrams
    • Comes with adjustable speed control
    • Includes 27 stitches specifically designed for sewing clothing
    • Comes with a quilting table and hard case


    • You must use good quality thread in order to prevent ‘bunching’ on the underside of your sewing
    • The chassis is not made of metal

Customer Feedback and Ratings

The Brother CS6000i Sewing machine have received a large number of reviews from customers. They give the machine outstanding ratings which is an excellent rating for a product with so many reviews. Most of the reviewers gave the machine excellent and outstanding ratings.

Things that customers love about the Brother CS6000i include that it was very easy to use while the user manual was informative. They also like that it is well built, has a lightweight design, comes with a quilting table and a hard case. These are things you would usually purchase in addition to the machine.

The easy to wind bobbin, the automatic needle threader, its fast and precise sewing, the number of included sewing feet and accessories, as well as the fully computerized sewing experience, particularly the LCD display which even tells you which sewing foot you need to use for a particular stitch, resulted in customers leaving positive feedback and high ratings.

Not everyone left glowing feedback and some of the negative comments centered around the machine requiring that you use high quality thread in order to avoid ‘bunching’ on the underside of your sewing, as well as the light being too small, dim and pretty much ineffective. To read more about what customers had to say, you can read the reviews here.

Our Recommendation

The Brother CS6000i Computerized Sewing Machine is available from Amazon and is competitively priced. Amazon often has deals and discounts on their products, and at the moment you may be able to save off the list price as well as have it delivered with Free Shipping, if you qualify. Be sure to check here for the most recent prices and deals. Based on feedback from customers, we are happy to recommend this ever popular sewing machine as a value for your money purchase.

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Brother Designio DZ3000 Sewing Machine Review

Brother DZ3000
Brother Designio Series DZ3000

The Brother Designio Series DZ3000 Computerized Sewing & Quilting Machine is a reasonably priced machine that is packed with features. It is especially handy for quilters because it is lightweight and easy to transport. It also has a large sewing table so that maneuvering large projects won’t slow you down. This Brother sewing and quilting machine is suitable for sewing garments as well as a variety of craft projects.

To support creative design work, the Brother DZ3000 comes with a circular sewing attachment and it also has a free arm feature which can be used when you remove the accessory tray. It features two hundred and forty stitches as well as an impressive array of accessories. A hard cover is included so that the machine is well protected during transit to quilting workshops for example.

This Brother machine is of course, ideal for sewing garments and the array of sewing feet and attachments are designed to ensure that projects are able to be constructed and finished with professional effects. The machine is one that will suit both experienced and beginner sewers and will not be outgrown for a long time. Its price point is also attractive.

Features of the Brother Designio DZ3000

Brother DZ3000 Stitches
Available stitches

Design – a computerized machine suitable for quilting and garment creation
LCD Display – is large, backlit and shows the stitches you select
Stitches – has a total of 240.
Buttonholes – 8 styles available that auto fit the particular button you are using. It ensures a professional finish.
Bobbin – is top loading and drops into place. It ensures that stitch quality is even for professional finishes. The bobbin is also resistant to jamming.
Sewing Tray – is large and makes managing projects much easier, especially quilts.
Storage – attaches to the sewing arm and is designed to contain sewing feet and other accessories
Cover – hard cover is included and is ideal for providing protection to the machine while in transit
Needle Threading – is automatic and ideal for anyone who has difficulty with manual threading
Sewing area – is well lit so that it is easy to sew on darker fabrics. It also ensures that you have optimum light for all types of sewing.
Stitch Selection – is achieved by pushing a button after viewing on the LCD screen
Controls – include a start/stop button as well as a slide lever for controlling stitch speed


  • 130 x sewing stitches

Sewing Feet

  • Zigzag
  • Zipper
  • Blind stitch
  • Buttonhole
  • Button sewing
  • Quilting
  • Stitch guide
  • ¼ piecing
  • Walking quilt guide
  • Monogramming
  • Overcasting
  • Zipper piping – adjustable
  • Metal open toe
  • Circular sewing attachment


  • Storage tray
  • Needle set
  • Seam ripper
  • Screwdriver
  • 3 x spool caps
  • 3 x bobbins
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Eyelet punch


  • DZ3000 computerized sewing and quilting machine
  • Oversized table for larger projects
  • Foot controller
  • Hard protective case
  • Power cord
  • English/Spanish operation manual


Measures: 11.48 x 6.69″ x 16.02 inches
Weighs: 9.9 pounds
Item No: DZ3000
Manufacturer: Brother
Warranty: 25 year limited warranty

What’s Great About the Brother Designio Series DZ3000?

  • Versatile
  • Price is reasonable for a computerized machine Reasonable price point
  • Plenty of accessories
  • Has a large sewing surface
  • Comes with an excellent range of presser feet
  • Sews straight with little or no effort
  • Display area is large
  • Bobbin is easy to install and access – with a clear cover
  • Lightweight and ideal for transporting to quilting workshops
  • Has a pedal free stitching option
  • Has a needle up feature
  • Needle threader works well
  • Sews smoothly and evenly across a range of speeds
  • Walking foot works smoothly
  • Comes with a regular font and an italic font
  • Has enough features so that you won’t outgrow the machine any time soon

What’s Not so Great

  • Many plastic components

Customer Feedback and Reviews

Users of the Brother DZ3000 that left reviews give it excellent ratings. Things they like about it include its competitive price, large sewing surface, amount of accessories, large display for stitches and fonts as well as excellent tension. To read more about what users think about the Brother sewing and quilting machine, you can read their reviews here. Some of the reviews are comprehensive and provide an intimate working knowledge of the machine.

Recommendation – Buy

The Brother Designio Series DZ3000 Computerized Sewing Machine is available from Amazon and you can find the latest price for it here. The feedback from existing customers is excellent, indicating good performance, functionality and quality. Based on customer feedback, we are pleased to recommend the Brother DZ3000 as a value for the money purchase.

Brother CE7070PRW Computerized Sewing Machine Review

Brother Project Runway CE7070PRW
Brother CE7070PRW

The Brother CE7070PRW 70 Stitch Computerized Sewing Machine is an affordable machine which is suitable for beginners, yet has enough functions and stitches to ensure you have what you need for more advanced projects once you are through the learning phase. There are plenty of Brother Project Runway sewing machine reviews to read, but you should always endeavor to match up your individual requirements with what the machine has to offer.

The Brother CE7070PRW is great for quilting and is light enough to take with you to classes and sessions. It has everything you need for regular sewing and a user manual to get you started. This machine is one you can grow into as it has 70 built in stitches which include a good selection of decorative stitches as well; as the basics. A useful feature of the CE7070PRW is its large sewing table which makes it easy to manipulate your projects ranging from quilts through to dresses.

Features of the Brother CE7070PRW

  • Design – A computerized sewing machine which provides consistent quality stitching, with a wide table and plenty of accessories
  • Wide Table – this feature is often only available on expensive machines and the fact that it is included with this machine makes it a winner. You can never have too much space when it comes to sewing maneuverability.
  • Stitches – 70 to choose from and includes regular sewing stitches as well as heirloom and decorative stitches
  • LCD Screen – makes it easy to see which stitch you have selected. It also shows the important settings you need to know.
  • Buttonholes – 7 built in styles and automatically sized
  • Stitch Chart – is printed on the front of the machine and makes selection very easy
  • LED Light – provides a bright light to sew by
  • Automatic Needle Threader – saves lots of time over threading manually
  • Bobbin – is top loading and drops in easily, to provide even and consistent stitching. Bobbin winding is

    Closeup of foot on Brother CE7070PRW
    CE7070PRW foot

    automatic too.

  • Needleplate –  is marked so you can effortlessly sew straight lines and ensure your fabric is the correct distance in relation to the needle
  • Drop Feed  – perfect for free motion quilting

Included Accessories

  • CE7070 Computerized Sewing Machine
  • 7 x Presser Feet – zigzag, overcasting, monogramming, zipper, blind stitch, buttonhole, button fitting
  • Accessories – 4 bobbins, 3-piece needle set, ball point needle, twin needle, cleaning brush, screwdriver, 3 spool caps, extra spool pin, seam ripper
  • Foot pedal control
  • Wide table with ruler markings
  • Quick start guide
  • Operation manual


Measures: 19.5 x 12.7 x 15.9 inches
Item model number: CE7070PRW
Warranty: 25 Year Limited Warranty

What’s Great About the Brother Project Runway CE7070PRW

  • Good range of regular and decorative stitches
  • Excellent for beginners and hobby purposes
  • Lightweight and easy to carry around

    Brother CE7070PRW LCD
    CE7070PRW LCD
  • The instruction book is a great place to start if you are a beginner
  • Priced affordably
  • Has enough functions and stitches so that you can attempt more advanced projects after you are done with the beginner phase
  • Sturdy
  • User friendly
  • Excellent line drawings on the actual machine for things like threading the bobbin
  • Self-threading and drop in bobbin

What’s Not So Great

  • Occasional tension issues if you don’t set the bobbin correctly

Customer Feedback

Of the customers that have left feedback for the Brother CE7070PRW most gave it excellent ratings. This reflects the high regard customers have for the machine. Things they like about it include how easy it was to use, the range of stitches provided, the comprehensive user manual with a useful troubleshooting guide, as well as its very affordable price. To see more about what customers have to say, you can read all their reviews here.

Our Recommendation

The Brother CE7070PRW is available online and also comes with Free Shipping, if you qualify. To check for the most recent price, you can find it here. A majority of users rated this little machine with outstanding reviews . There is plenty of positive feedback as well so we are pleased to recommend this great machine from Brother to you.

Brother HC1850 Computerized Sewing and Quilting Machine Review

Brother HC1850 Sewing Machine
Brother HC1850

The Brother HC1850 Computerized Sewing and Quilting Machine is a reasonably lightweight machine that is packed full of features for a very competitive price. You will love this machine because of its versatility as well as all the extras that come with it. It is perfect for quilters because not only it is light enough to take with you to groups and classes, it has a real drop feed. The wide table is also great for large sewing projects and again, well suited for quilting projects.

This particular Brother computerized sewing machine will let you do free motion quilting without a huge price tag and the computerized aspect makes it really easy to change stitches. In addition to all the benefits for quilters, this machine is perfect for regular sewing too because it has a good range of regular and decorative stitches, a button hole attachment, a good selection of sewing feet and an automatic needle threader.

If you are searching for computerized sewing machines, this is one of the best machines for the money that you are likely to find available and customers readily attest to this.


Features of the Brother HC1850 Sewing Machine

  • Design – a computerized sewing machine that is reliable and packed with features for quilters and anyone interested in decorative as well as ordinary stitching

  • Buttonholes – has 8 x one step automatically sized buttonholes

  • Quilting Features – detachable wide table, spring action quilting foot, quilting stitches and a drop feed for free motion quilting

  • Detachable Foot Controller – you can take this off and do your general sewing via the control panel if you like. Not everyone is able or wants to use the foot controller.

  • Display Screen – is large with  a backlit LCD

  • Stitch Selectors – are pushbutton for easy use

  • Sewing Feet – 8 are included for tasks such as blind hems, quilting, buttonholes, zippers, overcasting, zig zag, monogramming and button sewing

  • Sewing Speed – is adjustable and you can change it while you are sewing with a handy slide control

  • Sewing Table – is large and perfect for quilts and other large projects that require maneuvering room

  • Needle Threader – is automatic and perfect for saving time

  • Feed System – is very good and will allow you to work with a variety of fabrics for smooth sewing and straight stitches


There are a total of 130 to choose from, including decorative, clothing, heirloom and quilting stitches.

  • Quilting – 14 quilting stitch functions

  • Monogramming – 1 built-in monogramming sewing font , plus 55 alphanumeric sewing stitches for basic monogramming  font includes letters A-Z, numbers 0-9, 7 punctuation marks, and 8 specialty symbols.

  • Stitch Flip Chart – allows you to quickly see all the available stitches to choose from


  • Quick Set – very easy to drop it in place and begin sewing

  • Bobbin Winding – attach the thread, push it to the right and press start for almost automatic bobbin

Brother HC1850 accessories
Brother HC1850 Accessories

Accessory Pouch

  • 3 x bobbins
  • 3 piece needle set
  • Ball point needle
  • Twin needle
  • Cleaning brush
  • Eyelet punch
  • Screwdriver
  • 3  x spool caps
  • Additional spool pin
  • Seam ripper


  • 1 x DVD bilingual English/Spanish
  • 1 x operation manual bilingual English/Spanish


Measures: 16.3 x 7 x 12.5 inches
Weighs: 10.1 pounds
Item No: HC1850
Warranty: 25 Year Limited Warranty

What’s Great About the Brother HC1850?

  • Computerized,  it is easy to use for sewing, quilting and embroidering
  • Perfect for beginners and more experienced sewers
  • Great instructions – very clear
  • Machine is fairly light
  • Excellent price for a computerized machine with so many features
  • Can be operated without the foot pedal
  • Has a ‘real’ drop feed which is perfect for quilters
  • Has a big sewing table
  • Very easy to sew, change and adjust stitches from the selection panel
  • Comes with a lot of extras

What’s Not so Great

  • One customer found the foot control a bit hard to get used to

Customer Feedback and Reviews

There have been quite a few reviews written by customers for the brother quilting machine and most of the reviewers give this machine an outstanding rating. Customers are very impressed with the excellent functionality, performance and price of the machine. Features that they particularly like include the wide sewing table, the many extras, low price, drop feed, the amount of stitches and the ease with which they can be changed as well as being able to operate without using the foot pedal. Most users have nothing but good things to say about the machine, however there are a minority that are disappointed. To see more of what these customers had to say, you can read their reviews here.

Recommendation – Buy

The Brother HC1850 Computerized Sewing Machine is available online and is eligible for free shipping. This Brother machine is competitively priced and you can check out the lowest price for it here. A majority of customers rated the Brother HC1850 with excellent reviews. Customers have left a lot of very positive feedback too, so based on this we are pleased to recommend this Brother quilting and sewing machine.

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Brother Designio DZ2400 Sewing & Quilting Machine Review

Brother Designio DZ2400
Designio DZ2400

The Brother Designio DZ2400 is a value packed computerized sewing machine that is ideal for general sewing as well as quilting. You can use it for sewing or mending clothes as well as creative work, if you love to design and make quilts. This particular Brother machine comes with a load of features, so that after you have passed the beginner stages of sewing, there are still enough stitch and functional choices for advanced projects.

The range of accessories that come with the machine is impressive, especially when an extension table is one of them. These are usually expensive to purchase so customers were indeed pleased to find it was included featured of the machine.

The Designio DZ2400 features a huge range of stitches that are both functional and decorative and these, together with the impressive array of sewing feet, will ensure that you won’t run out of options for projects. For example, there are eight buttonhole options to choose from and these cover light, medium and heavy weight fabric choices.

Regardless of whether you want to sew and/or mend garments, or enjoy the delights of quilting, the Designio DZ2400 is an ideal, lightweight choice that will provide long lasting value. Customers also appreciated that it sews well and the stitches produced are of good quality.

Check Price and Availability Here

Features of the Brother Designio DZ2400

Design – a lightweight computerized machine suitable for sewing garments and quilting
Stitches – there are 185 built-in stitches. This includes 130 stitches as well as 55 alphanumeric stitches, providing plenty of variety and choice.
Feet –  includes 12 sewing and quilting feet, again providing plenty of variety and choice without stifling creativity.
Buttonholes – there are eight buttonholes to choose from and these are automatically programmed to adjust to the size of button you have selected. In addition to ensuring buttonholes are easy to make, this feature ensures that your buttonholes have a professional finish.
Controls – the machine is controlled by a start/stop button while the speed slide lever will allow you to control the speed of your sewing.
Light – the sewing area has good lighting which is important when stitching on dark fabrics. Part of producing professional garments requires that you are able to see what you are working on so as to produce your best work. Good light also helps to prevent eye strain.
Threading – threading is easy for both bobbin and the top thread. It’s fast too, so you can spend your time stitching rather than prepping. The auto needle threading function is simple to use and requires a simple pressing of the lever situated on the side of the machine, whereby the thread is pushed directly through the eye of the needle. This is a wonderful innovation for visually challenged sewers.
Stitch Selection – this function is also achieved by pressing a button after you have selected the stitch you want to use. After selecting it, the stitch you have chosen will be conveniently displayed on the machine’s LCD display.
Bobbin – the bobbin is top loading and simply drops into place. The bobbin will always be correctly placed so that stitch quality is consistently high and even.
Accessories – these are generous in quantity and are outlined for you directly below. The extension table is a valuable inclusion as these can often be expensive to purchase separately. Customers were particularly impressed with the number of accessories that are included with the Brother sewing machine.


  • Designo DZ2400
  • Extension table
  • Foot Controller
  • Accessory bag
  • Power cord
  • Instruction manual

Sewing feet

  • Zigzag foot
  • Buttonhole foot
  • Zipper foot
  • Overcasting foot
  • Blind stitch foot
  • Monogramming foot

Brother Designio DZ2400
DZ2400 with Extension Table

Quilting Feet

  • Quilting foot
  • Walking foot with quilt guide
  • 1/4 piecing foot
  • Stitch Guide foot


Measures: 21.4 x 16.8 x 15.9 inches
Weighs: Around 10 pounds
Item No: DZ2400
Warranty: 25 year limited warranty

What’s Great About the Brother Designio

  • Easy to use
  • Quiet
  • Excellent value for money
  • Perfect machine for beginners
  • Lightweight and easy to transport
  • An extension table is included
  • Excellent for quilting, home decor and garment sewing
  • Has drop down feed dogs – excellent for darning as well as quilting
  • Great range of sewing and quilting feet included
  • Comes with a foot pedal, a speed control push bar and a pressure control for the presser foot
  • Easy to adjust to machine tension
  • Lots of accessories
  • Low end machine but has enough features to ensure you won’t outgrow it
  • Will memorize needle up and needle down – so if you are quilting, it is easy to pivot with the needle in the down position

What’s Not so Great

  • A lot of plastic components
  • Doesn’t come with a hard case
  • Custom memory storage not available, however you would only use this if you are an advanced sewer

Customer Feedback and Reviews

Being one of the more popular Brother sewing machines, there are quite a few reviews left by customers and they give this model outstanding reviews. Things they like about the machine include its portability, value for money, the generous amount of included accessories, as well as the quality and huge range of stitches. They also like the versatility of the machine because it is equally proficient at garment sewing as well as quilting. To read more about the Brother DZ2400, you can read all the customer reviews here.


The Brother Designio Series is available from online retailers and you can find the latest price for it here. The Designio DZ2400 provides value for the money which is an important consideration for customers these days and is a versatile machine to suit both beginner and more advanced sewers. Customers are impressed with price, performance and functionality, so based on their feedback we are pleased to recommend it.

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