How to Choose the Best Sewing Machine Needle

Choosing the Correct Sewing Machine Needle for Your Project

While it may not seem so, there are a many differences between sewing machine needles and to produce a great result with your project, it is a good idea to observe the differences. Many sewing needlebrands of sewing machines generally have their own brand needles so this will be a major determining factor. You can also seek out suppliers who manufacture and sell generic sewing machine needles and these will often be suitable for a variety of sewing machine brands. The type of fabric you are using and the project itself can also be major considerations when you are going to choose the best sewing machine needle.

Sewing Machine Needle Sizes

Machine needles come in a variety of sizes and broadly, they range from very thin to quite thick. The reason for these sizes relates directly to the type of project you are working on. For example, if you are trying to sew through many thicknesses, such as with a quilt, a tiny, thin needle will not do the job. You will need a specialized needle specific to the task and the brand of sewing machine you are using. Sometimes, you might even need a ‘double’ needle such as those that come with some machines and are used for quilting.

Fabrics Can Determine Needle Size

This is pretty much common sense if you can imagine the differences between stitching a repair on a tent for example, or making a pair of denim jeans and the fine work required if were making a prom dress or a baby’s christening gown. The general rule of thumb is the finer the work the finer the needle and if you stick to this, you can avoid frustrating things like breaking fine needles when you are sewing course fabrics. Think for a moment too, how you might actually see the needle holes from a thick needle in the seams of a satin prom dress.

Sewing Machine Needles for Knit Fabrics

To choose the best sewing machine needle for stretch fabrics, simply choose to purchase ball point needles. Sewing machine needles are typically sharp so they can pierce through the fabric. Ball point needles are necessary for knitted fabrics so they don’t pierce the fabric, but rather, slip between the weave of the fabric. Piercing a knitted fabric with a regular needle can result in a risk of breaking a thread in the weave and having it unravel. This can result in a small hole developing in your garment and you don’t need something like that to ruin your project.


So you can see that there are several factors that can influence the selection of sewing machine needles. To choose the best sewing machine needle, you need to look at the particular project you are going to be working on, the brand of sewing machine you will be using and the fabric you will be using. If you are able to take these factors into consideration, you will make a good choice and the finished product will reflect it.