How to Use a Sewing Machine

How to Use a Sewing Machine

Sewing machines are one of the most useful gadgets on the planet and since the original Singers came into the marketplace, there have been many technological developments which have impacted on the materials from which they are made, as well as their mode of operation. However, the basic principles remain the same and today it is easier than ever to use a sewing machine. Regardless of what you want to use your machine for, if you are starting out with sewing, learning how to use a sewing machine has never been easier.

Thread the Machine

Aside from plugging the machine in and switching it on, the first essential process which must be completed is threading the machine. Any lesson on how to use a sewing machine will focus on this and it is easier than it sounds, particularly on modern sewing machines. You should always start out by referring to the machine’s user manual because it will specify the exact process to follow to thread your machine. You will also find that there will likely be a series of directional arrows on the machine itself so that it becomes a matter of following the steps, one by one.

Fill the Bobbin

After you have threaded the machine, the other essential process is to fill the bobbin and again, this is very easy with modern machines. It usually involves clipping the bobbin onto its designated spot, attaching the thread to the bobbin, selecting the ‘bobbin’ function on the machine and let it fill. Again, individual machines will have the process outlined in the user manual and if the directional instructions on the machine itself aren’t clear, you can always go step by step with the manual.

Start Sewing

Once you have everything threaded, you now need to select your stitch of choice. On modern sewing machines, this is usually a matter of pressing a button on the control panel of the machine and you are ready to sew. It’s always a good idea to use some sample fabric and practice sewing until you have the hang of it. For instance, if you are doing seams, you will want to sew straight. There is often a guide on the needle plate which you can use as a guide to help you with this. Likewise if you want to use a zig-zag stitch for example, practice on a sample first before you try it on a project.


There is no mystique as to how to use a sewing machine and it doesn’t take long to become proficient.  At its most basic level, a sewing machine takes the upper thread and the bobbin thread and loops them together so that the stitches are strong enough to hold your project together. Modern sewing machines make it very easy to accomplish this and for anyone starting out with sewing, it doesn’t take long to move from practice samples to real projects. Learning how to use a sewing machine could be one of the most useful things you do.

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