Janome DC2014 Decor Review

Janome DC2014
Janome DC2014

Janome makes some of the best sewing machines on the market today and are known for their quality products. The Janome DC2014 is no exception. As one customer succinctly commented, ‘This machine takes the frustration out of sewing.’ If you are looking to purchase a sewing machine, you will definitely be happy with this Janome.

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About the Janome DC2014 Decor

The Janome DC2014 is a computerized sewing machine with 50 stitches to choose from. These include functional stitches such as darning, overcasting and buttonhole stitches, as well as decorative stitches and a couple of unique ones.

At the same time, you also get a precision feeding system. This compact sewing machine comes with the 7 Feed Teeth Box feed system and this ensures precision stitching every time. It is also one of the features that customers love best about the machine because they know that they will get perfect results with a variety of fabric weights from thick to thin.

Janome DC2014
Janome alternate view

Other great features include an LED stitch and function selection panel, an automatic needle threader, a needle up/needle down button, a see through bobbin cover for an easy insert top loading bobbin, a free arm option, reverse stitch button and a precise tension capability. Keep reading to find out more about these great features.

Features Of the Janome DC2014


Automatic Needle Threader – this is excellent for the visually challenged and you don’t need to worry about straining your eyes to thread the machine needle. All you do is pull down the needle threader, insert the thread into the hook in front of the needle and then pull back the thread. The needle is threaded.

    • Stitch Length Adjustment – by pressing this button you can increase or decrease the length of the stitch you want to use. You can also use it to change the width of the stitch as well.
    • Free Arm Capability – If you are looking for a machine to do quilting, this feature is exactly what you need.
    • Stitch Selection – you can choose the stitch you want from the LED panel which is brightly lit for your convenience.
    • Drop Feed Capability and Feed System – you can utilize this feature for free motion quilting, darning as well as sew pants legs and shirt sleeves. You just need to remove the free arm by sliding it to the left.
    • 50 Built-In Stitches – You can choose the stitch you want by using the LED screen in combination with the stitch select panel located on the front of the machine.
    • Needle Up/Down Button – You use this feature to set the needle to the position you need. For example, you would set it to ‘needle down’ to pivot on your work or alternatively use ‘needle up’ if wanted to snip the thread and remove the fabric from the machine. You can also terminate your stitch pattern precisely at the end rather than in the middle of a stitch by pressing the ‘pattern stop button’.
    • Auto-Declutch Bobbin Winder – This feature makes it easy to wind your bobbin. Also, with regard to the bobbin, it is top loading and also comes with a see through cover which conveniently lets you see if you are going to run out of thread. If you happen to sew onto the edge of the fabric, it is also ‘jam proof’.
    • Easy Reverse Stitch Button – This is also easy to use and is centrally located. You press this button to stitch in reverse.
    • Precise Thread Tension – This feature is designed to ensure all your projects automatically use the correct tension for the best results.

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 Included Accessories

You receive plenty with the Janome DC2014 and they include the following:

  • 1/4 Inch Seam Foot
  • Bobbin (specialized)
  • Quilting Guide Bar
  • Adjustable Blind Hem Foot G
  • Even Feed Foot
  • Satin Stitch Foot F
  • Automatic Buttonhole Foot
  • Overedge Foot
  • Zipper Foot
  • Hard Cover

Product Specifications

Product Brand: Janome
Weight for Shipping: 23.1 pounds
Product No: Janome DC2014
Warranty: Limited 25 Year Warranty (check with manufacturer)

Pros – What’s Great About the Janome DC2014

    • It runs very quietly
    • Sews very smooth
    • Is very user friendly and easy to use
    • It can be set to stitch at a slow rate
    • Ease to thread
    • Using the stitch selection guide is intuitive
    • Excellent value for money with quality build, features, & extras
    • The manual is well written and set out in a logical order
    • Top brand

Cons – What’s Not so Great

    • A customer found it didn’t not sew an “even” corner when satin stitching
    • There are two very minor errors in the Manual, but they don’t affect the use of the machine in any way
    • The carrying handle is a little flimsy

Customer Feedback and Reviews

Customer rating the Janome DC2014 Decor Computerized Sewing Machine give it outstanding reviews. This is an exemplary rating and indicates the the Janome DC2014 is of excellent quality, well priced and features a high level of performance and functionality. Things customers particularly like include the machine’s price, the informative manual, the number of accessories which are included, as well as its simple and easy to use functionality. There was also discussion regarding its quiet operation and quality build from a great brand.

One customer thought the carrying handle was a little flimsy and another didn’t like its straight stitch. To see more about what customers had to say, you can read the reviews here.


The Janome DC2014 Decor Computerized Sewing Machine is available online for a reasonable price. To check for the most current price, you can find it here.  A majority of customers have rated this computerized sewing machine with excellent reviews which indicate their universal satisfaction with it. In fact, there were very few unsatisfied users, incidentally their reviews also contained a wealth of positive feedback. Based on the feedback which customers have provided, we are happy to recommend the Janome DC2014 as one of the most functional, value for money purchases you will have the pleasure of making.

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